Matchmaking Dogs and Dog Lovers Across the Country

As it turns out, Let’s Join Paws is not the only dog loving organization matching busy dog owners with dog caregivers/lovers in their communities. Dog sharing organizations such as Let’s Join Paws have been popping up all around the country.

The process for many of these dog sharing groups is the same as Let’s Join Paws. You make a profile with your picture and answer questions – similar to an online dating profile. You can use the services as a busy dog owner or a dog lover looking for a little doggie love. Many dog lovers cannot own a dog for one reason or another, similar to Jennifer’s story. This dog sharing platform gives them the chance to love a dog, and a busy dog owner the ease of knowing their dog isn’t left home alone. jennfier

As an organization able to provide a dog loving platform, it is an honor and joy to find others with the same mission in mind. You can use our Las Vegas dog sharing company, Let’s Join Paws, the company Jennifer used, Bark’N’Borrow, or even a larger organization, like Rover, to get some doggie love in your local community.

Let’s Join Paws works as a non-profit and does not charge service fees for dog owners or dog caregivers. We simply want to help people in the Las Vegas community who need help with caring for their dogs and those who cannot own. We hope our work will help keep less dogs abandoned on the streets or in shelters. If we all work together to help each other in times of need and spread the love of a dog in the process, we consider that a win worth spreading.

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